The general terms and conditions which must be accepted prior to receiving any services from us.

In accordance with MiFID 2, this policy outlines how we execute your orders to achieve the best possible result.

According to certain regulations, this policy outlines how we categorise our clients as either retail, professional or eligible counterparty.

The policy outlines how we manage complaints received from our clients.

This policy covers how we identify, manage, control and disclose conflicts of interest.

This policy covers which of our clients are covered by the investor compensation fund and under what circumstances compensation can be given.

This policy explains how we manage your personal information under GDPR and our obligations as a regulated investment firm.

This Statement explains the various risks associated with the investments we offer. We strongly recommend you read this document before opening an account with us.

This document outlines the specifications of the various trading instruments we provide.

Disclosure and Market Discipline Report for 2020

This report discloses information concerning the company’s risk exposure & management, capital adequacy, capital structure, remuneration system and many other important characteristics of the company’s operation.

These documents provide you with key information about the various products we offer, and the costs, risks, potential gains and losses. The purpose of these documents is to help you understand if they are appropriate for you.

The RTS 28 report assesses the quality of execution provided to our clients over a given period. Each of these reports is publicly available to our clients.

According to MiFID II, the RTS 27 reports are published as evidence that we are following the best execution standards. These reports are extracted from our trading servers and submitted to our regulated, CySEC.

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