Risks Of Investing

Risks Of Investing

There are many risks associated with investing and speculating on the financial markets. The primary and most obvious risk is the chance you might lose some or all of your invested capital. Another risk which many traders overlook is counterparty risk. When you open a trading account with Trade Markets, we are your counterparty and are responsible for more than keeping your money safe.

Who is Monitoring Trade markets

Who is Monitoring Trade markets

As a licensed provider of investment services, Trade markets is highly scrutinised by regulators to ensure we adhere to the highest operational standards and never deviate from the letter of the law.


Trade markets is licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), the National Competent Authority responsible for regulating, overseeing and supervising the provision of securities and investment products in the Republic of Cyprus.


In addition to being licensed by CySEC, Trade markets is registered with numerous European financial markets regulators, such as BaFin of Germany, Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Czech National Bank, and more.


As a European Investment Firm, Trade markets complies with numerous regulatory and legal frameworks. We follow Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II), a pan-European framework that ensures harmonisation of financial products distributed throughout the EU.

The Measures We Take

The Measures We Take

We go far further than what is required to ensure our clients’ funds are secure, our services are dependable, and your information is secure.

Segregated funds

All client funds, without exception, are kept in segregated bank accounts. The company is not allowed to use clients’ money for any reason. These funds are protected even if the company becomes bankrupt. Creditors cannot claim funds in these accounts. Independent and reputable firms audit the company’s financial statements to ensure everything is above board.

Investor Compensation Fund

As a Cyprus Investment Firm, Trade Markets is required to be a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, maintained by the Central Bank of Cyprus. The compensation fund offers clients an additional safeguard if Trade Markets cannot meet financial obligations to eligible customers. 

Risk management

Trade Markets follows the tightest internal controls and operational conduct. For example, we only cooperate with regulated banking and payment institutions; we conduct know your employee and know your supplier check to ensure the people running the company are upstanding individuals and companies.

Transparency & integrity

It’s our obligation and our privilege to observe a strict code of ethics and to ensure we eliminate all conflicts of interest with our clients. We are transparent and upfront about all of the costs and conditions associated with the services we provide. You can clearly find information about the commissions, spreads and other fees on our website.

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