What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading, sometimes referred to as Social Trading, is an additional service typically offered by online brokers allowing their customers to copy or be copied by other traders. Our Copy Trading application is a catalogue of various trading strategies provided by our community of self-certified trading gurus. 

The application hosts detailed strategy profile pages containing insightful statistics and rich analytics, allowing potential followers to diligently evaluate the track record of every strategy. Behind the scenes, the platform automatically copies trades from a provider’s account to the subscribed follower's accounts. 

Copy Trading benefits for you 

Are you interested in trading but don’t know how or where to start? Copy Trading might be the answer. Becoming a successful trader takes years of practice and hard work.

With Copy Trading, you can leverage the expertise of other traders not just by automatically copying their trades in your account but also by observing how they trade. 

How to start Copy Trading

How to start Copy Trading

Getting started with Copy Trading is easy with Trade Markets. Launch the Trade Market Web Trader and toggle from trading mode to copying mode to access all Copy Trading features. To start enjoying the benefits of Copy Trading, you need to create a trading account. 

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Trading involves risk.

Copy Trading features

Discover strategy providers
Use a combination of several filters to find strategy providers that meet your requirements or use our predefined searches, such as most copied, most profitable, trending and editor’s choice.
Detailed strategy profiles
Gain insight into the performance of a strategy by exploring various statistics and charts, such as historical performance, trade frequency, portfolio breakdown popularity, and much more
Compare strategies
You can compare two or more strategies side by side to help find the most suitable opportunities.
Save your favourite strategies to save them for later or regularly check up on their performance.
Risk management
Protect your investments by only allocating fixed amounts to each strategy you copy and automatically stop following if the allocated funds fall below a certain threshold.
Flexible copying
Start, stop and pause copying and increase or decrease the funds allocated to a strategy at any time.
Start Trading

*Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Forex Trading FAQ

What products are supported by Copy Trading?

Anything you can trade on Trade Markets Web Trader is supported in Copy Trading.

Are there any extra fees for copy trading?

No. There are no additional fees to start Copy Trading.

Can I try Copy Trading with a demo account?

Copy Trading is only available for live trading accounts.

Speak to an account manager to find out more.

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